Dear Friends,
Welcome to Janapadalu, పల్లె జన పదాలు, జానపదాలు!
Being Journalists, most of us roam all over andhra pradesh and over india.
We came across different art forms of the people and sometimes we simply congratulate them.
Now, it is the need for this platform to bring all the Janapadalu, from Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra regions.
We can not let them fade in Air. We can let the throats of the artists die in cry.

Join hands friends..
We know there are a many of you are treasures of our Village Heritage.
We know that a many of you have a handsome number of fans, for singing your Village songs.
we know a many of you know the songs for different occasions in the daily life of a farmer, labor and all.

Contribute to give life to the dying Janapadalu, Mail us at janapadalu@gmail.com with your Name and Song.
You can send us the Text Song or Audio also. Plz mention the author if any one available.

Team Janapadalu.